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Full planning, from start to finish

SOLEYADINE is ready to plan your custom wedding, working with you at each step of the way, from the first stages of preparation to vendor coordination on the day of your wedding.

  • Select and recommend vendors (e.g. reception venues, places to stay, catering, decoration and entertainment).
  • Provide support, advice and personalized supervision.
  • Manage/monitor your budget and see that schedule is followed.
  • We undertake to be present on the day of your wedding and handle coordination.

Recommending excellent vendors

SOLEYADINE selects and recommends first-rate vendors that meet your specifications.
  • On your behalf, we perform a search for innovative, creative wedding vendors in all categories. You get the benefit of our expertise and experience.

Partial planning : we answer your questions

If you are in the midst of planning or intend to plan an event, SOLEYADINE can give you advice and answer your questions at any point.

  • We check where you are in the event planning process and advise you on the next steps.
  • We meet you for a face-to-face review of your situation (it takes about 3 hours).

Keeping your big day under control

We at SOLEYADINE work to high professional standards. Our mission is to see that everything goes smoothly on the day of your wedding.
Listening and availability are among our strong points. Let us free you from the hassle of planning and coordinating so that, when the big day finally arrives, you can enjoy every moment of it.


  • What we do :

             - coordinate the vendors.
             - keep the schedule on track.

             - greet and direct your guests.